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A Teacher's Apartment in Bundang, Korea

Posted on Tue, Jun 03, 2014 @ 10:05 PM

Interested in what type of apartment you will live in? Check out my video blog of where I stay in Korea here:
If you apply through Aclipse, you will most likely get hooked up with a good apartment. Chungdahm does a great job of taking care of their teachers because they want to have happy teachers. 
You will probably get placed in an Officetel, which is just a small studio apartment. I would definitely recommend choosing a nice apartment and pay just a litter extra because you will be spending a lot of time before and after work in your room. My apartment building is filled with foreigners like myself, so it is nice to meet people, and I have actually made some good friends that way. Advice: Don't wear headphones in the elevator, so you are always available to strike up a conversation if you feel like it. 
Since Bundang is just outside of Seoul and is a wealthy area, the rent is higher, but the views and the rooms are nicer, so it has its trade offs. You also will have to pay a realtor's fee, which can be expensive. I had to pay roughly $350 just to find a place, but I also don't know what I would have done without them. 
The view from my room!
photo (1)
Koreans also tend to throw out nice furniture, so if you don't mind if something is used, then you can fully furnish your room just by walking by the trash area. I actually fully furnished my apartment in just one month! If you aren't having any luck then check out Facebook groups. For me, I regularly scroll through the Facebook group Bundang Buy and Sell to look for things I need/want. 
Please comment below if you have any questions! Thanks!
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After graduating from Georgetown, Brian sought out the life of international travel and living abroad. Beginning with his volunteer work in South Africa, Brian decided to continue on to South Korea to experience East Asian culture and society. In February 2014, Brian accepted a position through Aclipse to teach for Chungdahm Learning at the Bundang branch just south of Seoul. When Brian is not in the classroom, he is busy with his running club, exploring the surrounding mountains, and learning the Korean language. 

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