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Fitness in Korea: Hiking and Jogging Tracks Galore

Posted on Wed, May 28, 2014 @ 05:43 PM

One of my favorite things about Korea is the walking tracks. The amount of people, especially old people, who use them everyday is at the top of that list as well. Also, Korea provides stretching and back massage equipment along these tracks. Overall, I've never really made fitness a big priority in my life, but having all these things readily available in Korea has turned me into an exercise enthusiast!

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Although there are many paths to choose from, my location in Busan gives me prime access to a track that runs right along Haeundae Beach. The path is accessible from Jangsan, where my apartment is located, and runs straight along Haeundae Beach to the viewing point of Dongbaek Island. At the viewing point the track moves into a circle, with markers telling you how many meters you've run. There is a gazebo in the middle, which is a great resting spot, as well.

#fitness #korea #busan #running

This track is wide enough for a car, so it is excellent even when it gets a little crowded. If you'd like to take advantage of just this track, you can take the green line to Dongbaek, Exit 1, and walk straight for a bit until you see the trees rising up on the hill. Dongbaek was once a very small island, but is now part of the mainland. There is a nice monument to a scholar of the Silla dynasty at the top of the hill.

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Running by the beach is awesome, just try to go early or avoid weekends as it does get more crowded as tourists come from all over to chill out on Haeundae Beach!

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Not that into jogging? You can still explore some of South Korea's fitness options! I've found that Busan is full of some of South Korea's has some of the best hiking spots. for extreme fitness!

#fitness #korea #busan #hiking

Along with jogging, running, and hiking, I have also heard great things about Korean gyms. Most Korean gyms have awesome features; from K-pop dance classes to large TVs on the treadmills to sauna inclusion, these gyms are high-maintenance but if you look carefully you can often find cheap memberships. A lot of my friends bought a membership to a gym from another teacher who was leaving, so it's a lot cheaper to buy into a gym by word-of-mouth.

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After graduating from Emerson College with a BA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, Ariel Rosen looked back on the semester she spent traveling around Europe and decided she must explore Asia. Her teaching job with ChungDahm April in Busan allows her to experience South Korea firsthand and with the enthusiasm of all the children she teaches. She is overjoyed to share a class with them and finds herself learning more from them and the bright beach city around her everyday. 

Read Ariel’s blog here: http://arieldrosen.wordpress.com/

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