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What's so great about teaching English overseas?

Posted on Wed, Feb 24, 2010 @ 03:21 PM

Read on to see what the Aclipse team thinks is so great about teaching overseas!

1. The People I met & the Friends I made
Nicole Ostrowski, Nagoya, Japan 2 years
Aclipse Recruiter, San Francisco
What did I like best about my experience living and teaching English in Japan? Probably what I enjoyed most, would have to be all the people I had met. The Japanese were so warm, and took me in and I learned so many cultural delights about the country and the people first hand. Additionally, I met so many foreigners living in Asia, and I feel very lucky that I have developed so many lasting relationships with friends from all over the world: London, Sydney, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, and many other places. An overseas work experience leaves an indelible impression that will always stay with you!

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3. Language Lessons
Sean Daley, Chiang Mia, Thailand 4 years
Aclipse Recruiter & Campus Outreach Director, Boston
It was a huge rush for me to live overseas and learn another language. Since I had never spoken a second language successfully before, I was thrilled to find out that once I was surrounded by it every day, I was able to pick it up quite fast and even had a real knack for the pronunciation. It was always fun to spark up a conversation on buses, in stores or restaurants with someone who really did not expect me to be able to speak their language-especially if they had just been talking about me to their friend!

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2. My Students
Misty Crooks, Takasaki 2.5 years, Kyoto, Japan 1.5 years
Aclipse Recruiter, Boston
My favorite thing about teaching overseas was the excitement of the students. On my last day, students wrote these little notes about my class. The funny thing was, the notes were for the students to keep, but they wanted me to autograph them. Suddenly there was a mad rush of small people, and I was engulfed in a sea of faces and pieces of paper. I was signing notes and saying parting words to the children when one boy roughly pulled the arm of his shirt up and asked me to sign his arm. Then they were all doing it, and I was writing slogans and drawing pictures of hearts and dogs and cats on small arms. For once in my life, I, Misty Crooks, was a rock star!

4. Traveling
Colleen Hartley, Yongin City, South Korea 2 years
Aclipse Recruiter, Boston
My favorite part of living in South Korea was the sense of discovery. I love traveling to new places and finding out what is special about a new country. While living in Korea, I came across so many beautiful things. I visited so many different places from green tea fields to Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon, an oil lamp museum and the DMZ, from the big city of Seoul to WeolChul Mountain in Jeollanam Province!

5. Cultural Differences
Zach Lahey, Hyderabad, India 6 months
Aclispe Recruiter, Boston
Beyond the fact that I was learning and growing on an everyday basis, my favorite part about living abroad was the cultural, social and even environmental differences that I encountered on a daily basis. During the first few months of living in India, the foremost hurdle was handling how I always stood out no matter where I went or who I was with at the time. Sure, it didn’t assist my cause that at 6’5” I towered over everyone and had a massive mop of hair. I learned to embrace the situation and as a result, I learned significantly more about India and its people by introducing myself and extending myself to all those whom I encountered.

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