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What do you want to know about Korean culture?

Posted on Fri, May 28, 2010 @ 04:05 PM

In the next few weeks, I'll be sitting down to speak with the articulate and lovely Sarah Julian. Sarah got her teaching position at ChungDahm Learning through Aclipse last summer, and she currently teaches for ChungDahm Mokdong, in the southwest portion of Seoul, South Korea. Sarah always has interesting insights about Korean culture from a ex-pat's perspective, which you can read in her blog! I'll record my Skype convo with Sarah and post it on the Aclipse website soon. I'll make sure to update everyone on Facebook once the video's posted!

There's a lot of stuff I want to know about Korean culture! But here's what I've outlined so far:

  • Honesty and directness in Korea.
  • The Korean mind set towards foreigners.
  • How Koreans interact with their boss or Manager.
  • Korean family dynamics.
  • How Koreans treat their elders in society.
  • Eating meals in Korea.
  • What's considered rude in Korea.
  • What to do when you meet someone for the first time in Korea.
  • The concept of "bali, bali" (hurry, hurry).

And then there are some really simple tasks that you have to undertake as an ex-pat moving to Korea, which are probably influenced by their culture:

  • Setting up a bank account.
  • Getting a cell phone.
  • Furnishing/decorating your apartment.

What am I missing? What do you want to know about? Or what did you want to more about before you moved to Korea? Please feel free to leave comments for me!

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