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Mexican Food in Korea

Posted on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 10:58 AM

      I came from Los Angeles, California to teach English in South Korea.  In LA, I had access to some of the best authentic Mexican food. Being just over the border of Mexico, I even had chances to go right to the source and eat food in Mexico. Mexican food was a favorite and a part of my regular diet back home. After coming to Korea, it has been a mission to satisfy my Mexican food cravings. Thankfully, now I know where to go for a good burrito and nachos.

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Tomatillo Grill
       Thus far, Tomatillo has the best Carne Asada Steak Burrito. They even have the option to make it California style for just 500 won extra. For those of you who don’t know, California burrito is a burrito but with fries and guacamole without the rice. Last time I went, I tried their Wet Burrito special. I must say it was delicious. Mexican food is not complete without a great hot sauce. Tomatillo’s hot sauce completed the job as well. It had the consistency, tang, and spice to compliment my wet burrito.

They have several locations. For English, visit their Facebook. For Korean, visit http://www.tomatillo.co.kr.

Taco Ricos
       In the beginning, Taco Ricos was the spot for me. Their carne asada burrito came with nice big pieces of steak and their tacos came with handmade corn tortillas with freshly sliced avocado. Every time I went after though, things changed. Carne asada turned into thinly sliced almost ground asada, avocado disappeared from my tacos, and the taco tortilla was no longer handmade. It was the case of inconsistency. One thing that they do keep consistent though is their nachos. I must admit they have the best nachos that I’ve tried so far. The secret is their cheese. The cheese is perfectly runny with a little kick of jalapeño spiciness.


I'm always hunting for the best Mexican food. Where do you think has the best Mexican food in South Korea?


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Yoon escaped from Los Angeles, California after finding himself hating his job at the bank. Knowing of opportunities to teach English in Korea, he took this chance to take on the excitement of living in a foreign country. Thankfully, Aclipseplaced him at a great Chungdahm branch in Jamsil. He is enjoying almost every moment of it and would like to share his experience with you through his blog.

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