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5 Conventional and Unconventional Ways to Stay Warm

Posted on Wed, Jan 11, 2012 @ 12:41 PM

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        Before coming to Korea to teach English, I didn’t think the winter here would be this freezing!  Coming from sunny side Los Angeles, I was spoiled. I thought the winter in Los Angeles was cold enough. Boy was I wrong. Korea’s winter is a true winter with REAL snow. Outside of the common ways to stay warm, I picked up a few tricks and ways to stay warm.

  1. Double Pair It!
    Wear 2 pairs of socks. The 1st pair should be thinner athletic socks. The next pair should be something thicker. As simple as this sounds, it makes a big difference! Maybe you can even triple pair it…if it fits in your shoes.
  2. Wrap Your Neck
    Back home, scarves were a fashion statement.  In Korea, it is a necessity.  I bought my first and only scarf in my life here in Korea.  A lot of our body heat escapes from the neck.  Makes sense because it’s one of the few areas not covered. A scarf can be purchased easily at most subway stations or on a busy street for less than 15,000 won.
  3. ATM Room
    There are times when I’m walking and I just can’t bear the cold anymore.  Once I spot an ATM room, I walk in not to withdraw cash but to warm up under its’ heater. There are banks on almost every corner of Seoul and nearly each one has a heated ATM room. During the summer it’s air conditioned.
  4. Long Johns
    I would’ve never imagined wearing tights back home.  Out here, again it is a necessity.  Without one, I can feel the cold air going through my jeans and hitting my legs.  Not a great feeling at all.  Uniqlo, sort of like the Gap or Old Navy of Korea offers a wide selection of thermal underwear.  Supposedly, their long johns have what they call “Heattech” and it generates heat.  Compared to a long john I bought from a subway vendor, Uniqlo’s is warmer.
  5. 2 Eggs
    This may be unconventional…but it works.  Boil 2 eggs for 10 minutes.  And voila!  2 hand warmers.  Also a snack for later.  Might I add eco-friendly and efficient.  = )

Check out my colleagues’ blog for additional ways to stay warm.  Also, if you have other cool ways to stay warm during the winter, please share!


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Yoon escaped from Los Angeles, California after finding himself hating his job at the bank. Knowing of opportunities to teach English in Korea, he took this chance to take on the excitement of living in a foreign country. Thankfully, Aclipseplaced him at a great Chungdahm branch in Jamsil. He is enjoying almost every moment of it and would like to share his experience with you through his blog.

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