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No business like show business while Teaching English in Korea

Posted on Wed, May 16, 2012 @ 01:34 PM

I love movies but going to the movies while teaching English Korea is an interesting experience that requires some advice.


Many people ask me if  English speaking movies are shown in Korea. The answer is yes. However, these movies are going to have Korean subtitles. It isn’t a big deal and they provide a great way to improve your Korean.


The foreign movies come and go very quickly. Unlike home where almost every theater will play a movie for a while, Korean theaters shuffle through “foreign” films quickly. So, when a movie is coming out, go see it as soon as you can because it will be gone shortly.


Since the foreign films come and go quickly, and because of Hollywood’s global impact, buy your tickets in advance.  Movies like The Avengers and Hunger Games for instance sold out shows very fast because of everyone wanted to watch the latest American film.


One of the great things about movies in Korea is that you get to pick your seats when you buy your ticket. If you’re lucky, or at the right theater, some of the seats are couches or full lazy boy’s with ottomans.

 Lazy boy + neck pillow = awesome movie experience

Remember that dates movies come out back home is not usually the same here. For example, The Avengers came out in Korea two weeks before it did in America; whereas The Hunger Games came out after.


Enjoy the show.


 Teach in Korea!


Max Brodsky was born and raised in Colorado and he is currently teaching in Cheonan, Korea. Realizing that a degree in English from Colorado State University will lead him to teaching or writing, he decided to head over to Korea to test the waters before jumping in.  Max found that he loves every minute he gets to spend in the classroom teaching and has found a wealth of writing material. He is excited for this year abroad. Follow Max to see how teaching affects him over the year!


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