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Getting A Visa from Fukuoka When Teaching English in Korea

Posted on Tue, Jul 24, 2012 @ 12:49 PM

This blog might have a more limited appeal but is useful for those teaching English in Korea who may have taken a bit too long to complete their visa process in the states and need to complete it out here, or for those renewing and need to get it done quickly and without spending a lot. 

what awaits in Japan.. 

Getting your E-2 Visa from Japan

AAAAAND I'm not going to actually say everything, because it is already available on the interweb with much better information than I could give at Galbijim (pretty good website for foreigners) and this old blog (especially if you are getting there by ferry, which I didn't).


But there are a few tips I'd like to point out in case this helps anybody!

 1. CHECK FOR HOLIDAYS, the consulate is closed for BOTH Japanese and Korean, and there are lots. I want a job at the Korean consulate it's so many. I nearly made the mistake of going on a holiday and I met someone there that unfortunately spent 10,000 yen on the Hilton to spoil herself for a night to find out that she would be there two nights. That's a lot of yen if you are doing this on the cheap.

 2. As of this blog the visa processing time is still one day with a 10am available pickup the next morning. It takes no more than an hour to get to the check-in counter at the Fukuoka airport. This means you should schedule your return flight for early afternoon otherwise you are sitting around for a long time.

NOTE: not sure about all airlines but Korean Air lets you change flight time once for free! The more you know!

 3. The outlets are 2 prong American style. Convenient.

 4. If you're a lady then this won't help you because capsules won't accept you. But for dudes, there is a pretty nice one called Hotel Cabinas Fukuoka that is literally visible from Hakata station. This is if you want a place to stay that is relatively cheap (4,500 yen for private capsule and sauna, breakfast cost me about 500 yen more), near a train station (walk to Gion or Hakata, probably Gion since it's cheaper to get to Tojin Machi), and the area surrounding it is pretty cool. Check out Canal City, you won't be disappointed.


You can see "hotel nikko" on the right,

in the near distance is Hakata station.

 It's easy to find if you go to the information counter at Hakata station, get a map and ask for Hotel Cabinas or Hotel Nikko (it's next to it) and they'll tell you which way to exit the station.

 The rules do state, however, you can't be drunk AND no tattoos. So cover up, or avoid the sauna until the morning where it doesn't matter if they kick you out. I, however, had no problems.

 5. All the guides say make sure to get your photos before hand but I wouldn't stress about that. The machine in the consulate was actually cheaper than ones I saw while walking around Fukuoka (500 yen versus 700-800 yen in the city) which is comparable to the 7000won it costs here, at least the Beomgye station photo booth.

 6. Bring copies of your passport! Especially if you are a lady because almost all hotels will ask for it to make a copy for their records. Since yours will be in the hands of the consulate you will be happy you have one!

That's it and that's all. The rest is on the links from the beginning and/or up to you. On a related but different note, it is so fast and simple to get to Japan from here it's crazy. I'm definitely planning future weekend trips in my mind.


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David Letts was born in Montreal to an Australian family and grew up in Boston. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then immediately made his way out to Korea and is currently teaching for his second year in Anyang.  With a better focus on saving money as well as exploration David is going to try to see as much as he can before this year is up. Follow his blog to see what he’s up to!

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