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A Teacher's Break From Korea: Osaka

Posted on Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 03:45 PM

Osaka templeOsaka street

Finally taking the time to travel to a place that I have been dying to go to, Japan is definitely a place that stands for itself. With different parts of Japan offering different cultures, the first stop of my main three destination visit across Japan is Osaka. Osaka, the third largest city in Japan, south of Tokyo, is word to be the next capital of Japan should a deadly earthquake occur within the next few years. 

building in Japanfood in Japan

Known for their octopus, the traditional eats of Osaka is takoyaki balls and okonomiyaki pancake. With all different takes on this traditional eat, they are around every corner and should be consumed wherever you go! Every store has their own way to make this yum yum and I can’t say I had too much of it! I basically tried it at every location I can find it. Some restaurants that specialize in oyster will throw oysters in it and I have to admit, it is AMAZING. Seafood in Japan is definitely taken to a whole new level!

Japan buildingJapan park

In addition to the amazing traditional eat, there are a handful of tourist places that are a must visit in Osaka for English teachers traveling from Korea. This includes the famous Omeda Sky Building which is two buildings connected by a hallway bridge, the gorgeous Osaka Castle alongside the Osaka Castle Park, the Shitennoji Temple (one of Japan’s oldest temples), Shinsekai where the Tsutenkaku Tower is located,  Namba and a few of the other many popular areas that are all of walking distance.


Japan wheelOsaka skyline

The main attractions of Osaka are quite small, but a bit disperse through the city. If you really want to, you could walk the city like I did. In total, it took about a day of time. Getting into each area, snapping a few photos and heading out. If you are planning to shop around and explore, do give yourself a few more days in the city. There are a lot of shopping areas and the city is extremely gorgeous. For those who are taking the subway around and do not have a pass, it is extremely easy to get around. Price for subway goes by location, simply locate your stop on the map and there is a price next to the station’s name. Put in the cash for the amount that it says and click the ticket price. All buses are the same price and you pay as you get off the bus. 

Osaka riverOsaka street at night


They currently have a few events going on which include the light festival which can be found down the main street of Namba. It is extremely easy to get in and get out of the city. One recommendation is to grab a map of each area that you want to go to because it is all detailed and mapped out. The tourist information is one place that I definitely recommend. The best part about them is that they have everything written out that you would want and need to get around.  Osaka is definitely one place I recommend for those who are looking for a place to stretch outside of Tokyo while on vacation from teaching English in Korea.

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Graduating with a double major in Communications and Chinese from Rutgers University, it wasn’t long after working in the Big Apple that Cindy Ung decided to take a break from the cliché 9-5 lifestyle and move to Korea to teach English for CDI. Making the bold step to leave her comfortable, mapped out life in the States, she has fallen more in love with the Korean culture as each day passes.  With weekly mountain hikes, weekend road trips, discovering great foods and beauty products, constantly meeting new people, her life in Korea has been everything but mapped out.
Check out Cindy’s blog to get a glimpse of what Korea has to offer!

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