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Breakfast in Korea: Not Always Rice and Kimchi

Posted on Fri, Jun 07, 2013 @ 04:00 PM


Breakfast has always been a very important meal for me. I love the smorgasbord of eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelets, hash browns, bacon, and all the endless combinations of these breakfast staples that make the first meal of the day so delightful. When I started living and teaching in Korea, however, I have found these foods to be sparse, especially in the morning. But what do Koreans usually eat for breakfast? By asking some of my students, I’ve concluded that they basically eat rice or ramen, and have no clue why I would be craving scrambled eggs.

 Of course, I can always make these foods myself, but recently I stumbled on a place by the beach that perfectly satisfies my breakfast cravings, Brunsweek! On the boardwalk of Gwangan Beach there is a crazy looking silver ball structure, and right past it is the cutest open-air breakfast place in Busan.


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Brunsweek offers breakfast all day, and allows you to choose from massive berry pancakes to banana and peanut butter French toast to a mushroom spinach omelet. It’s only a little bit more expensive than your typical Korean meal, but the presentation of these plates is gorgeous and the view is spectacular, especially if you nab a seat on the patio.


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For last week’s fabulous brunch I enjoyed berry French toast, the mushroom omelet, and a salmon poached egg sandwich. Sharing the three dishes with friends allowed for a taste of the sweet and savory, just as a brunch should. Every bite was happiness.

 Snapshot 2013 06 06 09 55 48

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Next time you are craving real breakfast food, do not give up hope! Chances are, a breakfast hotspot may be opening in your area soon. If you really can’t wait, feel free to come down to Busan! I will definitely split a plate of pancakes with you. 

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After graduating from Emerson College with a BA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, Ariel Rosen looked back on the semester she spent traveling around Europe and decided she must explore Asia. Her teaching job with ChungDahm April in Busan allows her to experience South Korea firsthand and with the bright enthusiasm of all the children she teaches. She is overjoyed to share a class with them and finds herself learning more from them and the bright beach city around her everyday.Read Ariel’s blog here: http://arieldrosen.wordpress.com/

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