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3 Reasons Why You Should Pick Korea

Posted on Tue, Jul 01, 2014 @ 08:44 AM

People who decide to become an English teacher overseas always ask: Which country should I teach in? The world is a fascinating and beautiful place, but here are the reasons why I decided that Korea was and is the best place for me:

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I think Korea is amazing! Part 2

Posted on Wed, Oct 09, 2013 @ 05:02 PM

Last week I wrote about why I think Korea is amazing, and this week I have even more reasons to share with you.

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Your First Month in Korea - What to Expect

Posted on Mon, Apr 01, 2013 @ 04:30 PM

It’s all happening. You’ve applied to Aclipse, you’ve aced all of your interviews, and you’re finally on your way to getting a job in Korea as an ESL teacher. Your life is about to undergo a drastic and tremendous change unlike anything you’ve ever done and trust me, it’s going to be awesome.

Moving across the world is certainly exhilarating, but there are definitely some things I wish I’d known about my first few weeks here. So I’m here to help your transition into the world of kimchi, k-pop, and soju a little bit easier.

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Mermaids in Korea!!

Posted on Tue, Feb 26, 2013 @ 03:50 PM

After a few weeks into my year of teaching English in Korea, I took a day trip to one of the beautiful beaches on the island of Jeju. For those of you who do not know, Jeju is a Korean island off the southern coast of Korea and is a huge tourist attraction in Asia. The island is known for its stunning beaches, caves, and large volcano. Anyway, when I arrived to the beach, I was suprised to find a group of older women clad in wetsuits, but yet they had no SCUBA equipment, surfboards, or any other type of water recreation equipment. At first, I thought they just might be going for a swim, but what came next, suprised me even more.

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