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My Top 5 Blogs from 2014

Posted on Thu, Jan 01, 2015 @ 09:40 AM

This year has been one of the busiest years that I have had in a long time. Since I’ve been living and working in Korea for over the past 3 years, there have been so many adventures in both teaching and traveling that I have been lucky to take part in. With 2014 wrapping up, it seems best that I go ahead and share my favorite blogs that I’ve written!

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Lotte World Mall and Tower: The New Big Attraction in Seoul

Posted on Wed, Oct 22, 2014 @ 09:05 AM

One of the most highly anticipated events just occurred this past month and that was the grand opening of the Lotte World Mall in Jamsil, Seoul. But before going on about the mall, it is important to note that this is under the Lotte World Tower. Lotte World Tower will be the tallest skyscraper on the Korean peninsula once fully completed. It will tower over Southern Seoul because of its whopping 123 floors (for a total of 556 meters). It should be entirely built by the end of 2016 and it will be ranked the eleventh tallest building in the world. The building itself will be used as a mall, offices, residences, a luxury hotel, and finally topped off with a 3-story observation deck. Hopefully, I will be here long enough to see its completion.

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Chungdahm Travel Club at Lotte World

Posted on Wed, Sep 17, 2014 @ 09:26 AM

I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs that I really appreciate the fact that Chungdahm is doing its best to take care of its teachers so that they have a life outside of work. With that being said, over the Chuseok holiday, almost 70 teachers gathered to visit one of the most popular amusement parks in Korea, Lotte World. Lotte World is located in southern Seoul outside of Jamsil Station (Green Subway Line 2, Pink Subway Line 8).

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