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Video tour of a ChungDahm Learning teacher's apartment in Korea!

Posted on Thu, Apr 21, 2011 @ 01:04 PM

Forget MTV's Cribs, how about a tour of a foreign teacher in Korea's crib? ChungDahm Learning teacher Hope Gately already gave us tips on how to make your apartment in Korea feel like home. Now she's sharing a tour of her apartment with us! This is awesome. It even includes a peek of her pet hampster, Calvin. And your bathroom is your shower...Huh? You have to watch the video to see what she's talking about!

Want to know about housing in Korea? Don't miss out on Hope's blog full of cool budget-friendly decorating tips and the inside scope on what to expect with teacher housing!

Teacher in Korea with her ChungDahm studentHope Gately with one of her super smart ChungDahm students!

If you want to end up in some sweet digs similar to Hope's, apply today to teach English in Korea through Aclipse!

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