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Teaching in Korea? Visit The World's Largest Department Store!

Posted on Tue, Jan 24, 2012 @ 11:18 AM

As English teachers in Korea, it can be hard deciding how to spend your free time. Sometimes it feels like there is just too much to see and do in Korea. The weekends are just too short to fit in everything that I want to do. If only there was one place that combined all of the things that I would like to do in a weekend.

Well after 10 months in Korea, I have finally found that place. It is called Shinsegae Centum City and it is the world's largest department store. It is located in Busan, a 2-3 hour train ride from Seoul, and an hour train ride from Daegu (perfect for a day trip). To call it just a department store is clearly a misnomer. This massive complex is over 9 stories high, with shopping in the countless stores as almost a footnote.

The complex also has two movie theaters, an ice rink, a golf range, an art gallery, a food hall (an entire floor dedicated to food/restaurants), an observatory deck, and a world-class spa. After spending a few hours shopping and eating, we spent the majority of the day soaking in the hot springs and receiving massages that the spa had to offer. We easily spent a whole day at the complex; in fact, it would have been easy to spend an entire weekend there.

If you are worried about how to get there, the Busan subway could not make it any easier for you. Shinsegae has its own metro stop and is conveniently located in the basement of the department store. From the Busan train station, it is 15-minute metro ride. You will be shopping in no time after your arrival to to Busan! 

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                                     World's Largest Department Store



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Adam Montgomery is a 25-year old teacher at the Chungdahm Branch on Jeju.  He has been teaching in Korea for under a year.  When he is not teaching, he enjoys exploring the wonders of Jeju and Korea.

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