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An English Teacher in Korea Visits The Kimchi Museum

Posted on Mon, Mar 12, 2012 @ 10:10 AM

      Are you a kimchi fan?  Before I even came to Korea to teach English, I was an avid kimchi eater.  As a kid though, I hated it. Somehow, as I grew older, I learned to enjoy it. My favorite food to eat kimchi with is meat.  For me, kimchi and meat perfectly complement each other.

      As I was walking around Coex mall, I noticed there was a Kimchi Museum. I had to check it out. I paid an entrance fee of only 3,000 Won and I was on my way to explore kimchi. The museum starts off with a timeline, a history of kimchi. Then, it goes into an exhibit of different types of kimchi. I had no idea there could be so many different types!  It also displayed the different types of kimchi from North Korea.

      The final part of the museum shows the ingredients, nutrition of kimchi and how to make kimchi. Supposedly, kimchi has the power to fight off infections such as SARS. Make sure you take a pencil and paper to take notes on how to make this delicious, healthy, virus fighting food. Also, if you need a dose of it on the spot, the museum has kimchi prepared for all visitors to smell and eat.

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Yoon escaped from Los Angeles, California after finding himself hating his job at the bank. Knowing of opportunities to teach English in Korea, he took this chance to take on the excitement of living in a foreign country. Thankfully, Aclipseplaced him at a great Chungdahm branch in Jamsil. He is enjoying almost every moment of it and would like to share his experience with you through his blog.

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