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You're Teaching What Today? Some of my favorite class topics

Posted on Tue, Mar 27, 2012 @ 11:28 AM

When you teach English in Korea at Chungdahm there is a fairly set curriculum (some classes, such as masters, have more freedom with the material), so I was a little worried as to how much I would like what I am teaching.  When I received my books however, all of my fears vanished.  Despite the occasional dry or uninteresting class, the research and development team has done a great job of creating exciting and interesting lectures for the students as well as for us teachers.  Here are a few of my favorite class topics. 

Recently one of my Bridge classes (one of our middle levels) was on the topic of cryonics.  This instigated class discussions such as who would you want to have lunch with if you could have lunch with anyone (alive or dead) and if you were cryogenically frozen, what year would you want to be thawed.


Presentation on how to be a good adultHow to be a good adult- according to our students


Another one of my favorite class topics was on video game development. With the ever present video game culture in Korea, naturally the kids really got into the material for this class.  Also, because I have a projector in my classroom, I was able to show a corresponding discovery channel clip to reinforce the topic. 


Anti drug posterAn Anti-Drug Presentation


One of the more interesting classes I recently taught was on chimeras. Part of what made this class so interesting was how much the students already knew on the topic.  The kids will really amaze you with how knowledgeable they are.  I have to constantly remind myself that I am having real conversations with students who can be as young as 10 years old. 


survival kit resized 600A Survival Kit For the Apocalypse

While I enjoy teaching any of the levels that we offer at Chungdahm, my favorite has to be Masters Literature.  Masters is our highest level and the age range can be anywhere from elementary to high school students.  Some of the books I have read are For Whom the Bell Tolls, An Absolutely True Story of a Part Time Indian, The Giver, Lord of the Flies, and Of Mice and Men.  Each term we read about 4 books and discuss them once a week.  While the class requires more preparation than normal Chungdahm classes, the reward of teaching them outweighs the workload. 

So those were my favorite classes, what are some of yours?


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Nash Brodsky grew up in Denver, Colorado and is currently teaching for CDI in Gwangju, Korea.  After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with degrees in Psychology and Music, he decided to embark on first year living abroad by taking on the challenges of teaching in a foreign country.  With the excitement of teaching children and the adventures of living in another country, Nash is enjoying every minute of what Korea has to offer. Follow Nash during his first year abroad!

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