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Hot Yoga While Teaching in Korea

Posted on Mon, Apr 30, 2012 @ 12:34 PM

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The regular hours we teach English at ChungDahm are from 4-10pm, so what will you do with all your free time? Everyone finds a niche teaching English in Korea, from dance classes to volunteering at animal shelters, but for me it’s yoga! Moving here and being immersed in a new environment completely independent was a little stressful, but hot yoga gave me a way to channel my energy and relax. 

I found a place just around the corner from the branch called Hot Yoga Studio J. I actually prefer to go to classes after work, because when teaching little kids you often have to match their level of hyper activity. Yoga is where I can calm myself and clear my mind before I go to bed. The yoga instructors speak in Korean, but it’s easy to get the hang of it by following what other people are doing. I even picked up some Korean words like inhale, exhale, relax, and more others. 

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The hot yoga studio I went to was an all women’s studio so I felt more comfortable there. In the U.S. my bikram yoga studio kept the room at almost 112℉ and everyone was just a sweaty mess. Here in Korea, at this studio they don’t keep it so hot so that your body goes into shock from all the water it’s losing, rather just hot enough to be able to do the stretches better and burn calories. Also, they keep the facilities really clean and organized. All the yoga mats are already set up so you don't need your own, and they provide towels.

I’ve really enjoyed my yoga classes, and all the instructors are so nice. Is there anything you’ve tried while teaching in Korea? Anything you became a member of?


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Yuna Lee is a current instructor at Chung Dahm Learning. Yuna was born and raised in the D.C. metropolitan area and graduated from the University of Mary Washington. She has traveled to many different places including Honduras, Ecuador, and Nepal. However with her father being Korean, she wanted to learn more about her heritage, so she set off to Seoul, Korea to do some soul-searching. Now, she is loving the freedom and independence of her post-college life. Teaching at Chung Dahm has been such a rewarding experience. Follow her blog to read up on the interesting things she has to share!

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