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Teaching English in Korea Find Your Comfort Zone

Posted on Wed, May 09, 2012 @ 09:16 AM

When living and working in a foreign country sometimes we look out for the feel of something familiar. But, the familiar in a foreign country becomes places you want to spend more time at. During my time teaching English in Korea I have found a few places where I have found comfortable more than any other and here is a small list of my favorite places while in Korea.


First, Buddhist temples. After a long week of teaching and spending time with friends and co-workers, I sometimes need to relax and clam down, so I hop in a bus to the nearest Buddhist temple and I stay until late at night. In just about every city in Korea there are Buddhist temples to visit.

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Second, I have found that wandering off and hiking in the hills of Korea to be wonderfully peaceful and rejuvenating. Because of our work schedule I am able to go for a short hike in the mornings before work so I can tackle a long day. Korea is littered with hills, many of which have trails and fun treasures to find.


Third, CoEx Mall in Seoul. I’ll be honest, I’m not much for shopping, but CoEx is different. It is more than just a mall it is a Super-Mall. On weekends when I’m already up in Seoul and want to just walk around I take the subway to it and just spend a day wandering around looking at the stores and the people in them.


Fourth, our local foreigner’s bar. I know it is not classy, it’s not Korean, and it surely isn’t the kind of place I would want to take my Grandfather, but after being in Korea it has started to feel like home. During the week we will meet up with a few other foreigners we have met while here and enjoy a few laughs, a pint or two, and then go home to teach for the next day. Every city has a foreigner bar.


So enjoy your time in Korea, and find a place where you are comfortable. I’d love to hear about it! 

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Max Brodsky was born and raised in Colorado and he is currently teaching in Cheonan, Korea. Realizing that a degree in English from Colorado State University will lead him to teaching or writing, he decided to head over to Korea to test the waters before jumping in.  Max found that he loves every minute he gets to spend in the classroom teaching and has found a wealth of writing material. He is excited for this year abroad. Follow Max to see how teaching affects him over the year!

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