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Helpful Websites for Teachers in Korea

Posted on Wed, Jun 20, 2012 @ 10:34 AM

One of  the things that I miss about being in an English speaking country is the accessibility of the internet. You take it for granted. When teaching English in Korea, just being able to quickly look up the closest movie theater and check the show times can be a real hassle or pretty much impossible, depending on your level of Korean. So open that up to all the other wonderful (and usually simple) things you use it for. Where should I go to eat? How late is that store open? What's there to do around here? It's a pain.


So what's a foreigner to do? Make friends and explore right!? Unless you're introverted and painfully addicted to your computer. Or your new friends are no better off than you. Nothing wrong with that. SO I thought I'd post about a few websites that might make life a little better.




Galbijim is a handy resource for long-time expats as well as new, and is a pretty comprehensive wikipedia on all things Korean. You can look up the best free resources for learning Korean, or maybe what's in your town or section of Seoul, and even meet new people.


Not just a wikipedia page it also has forums that cover a ton of different topics, job postings, and their blog. They have two blogs but their blog Korea Beat is REALLY cool because it translates Korean news into English. Not being able to watch or read the news sucks hard, especially if something crazy is going on around here so check it out!



NEXT UP is the oddly titled Hospital Photograph or 0150. It calls itself the "Archive of Korea Underground" and is completely devoted to posting the latest club party announcements. If you know and care who your DJ is and clubbing is your thing then hopefully this site is exactly what you need. And if not, but you are interested in seeing what Korean club culture looks like, this is definitely what you need. The videos might show you a Korea you didn't know existed.


And the last one for this post is about.......FOOD! Of course food. It's essential and finding good restaurants just by word of mouth can take forever. That means you need to head on over to ALIENBANK.COM a growing website for foreigner reviews of foreign food Seoul restaurants. It seems to get a good amount of content coming in, and is organized REALLY well. You can search by area of Seoul, type of food, price, and even vegan or vegetarian options. If you need a little inspirado and are not sure where to head off to, this is a good place to start. 


Hopefully these sites are helpful, and if you have one (or some) that you use let me know!

Quick Recap


1. Galbimjim - for everything

2. 0150 - for partying

3. Alien Bank - Seoul foreign food restaurant reviews

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David Letts was born in Montreal to an Australian family and grew up in Boston. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then immediately made his way out to Korea and is currently teaching for his second year in Anyang.  With a better focus on saving money as well as exploration David is going to try to see as much as he can before this year is up. Follow his blog to see what he’s up to!

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