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An American Breakfast for a Teacher in Korea: Butterfingers

Posted on Wed, Sep 05, 2012 @ 08:57 AM

One thing I miss the most while teaching English in South Korea is a true American breakfast. I miss grits, omelets, breakfast sausages, hash browns, and pancakes. I can make myself scrambled eggs anytime, but it doesn't taste the same without the other breakfast essentials as mentioned above. Now I don't eat like a king for breakfast everyday, but I do miss going to Waffle House.

Butterfingers is one place where I can rely on good breakfast food. Their double-sided menu is as big as a poster board that is filled with all kinds of delicious dishes, and it's not limited to just breakfast food. Just think of a fancier version of Waffle House or even IHOP. This restaurant is actually a chain and has few locations dispersed throughout Seoul.

Although I think the ultimate winning dish at Butterfingers is their buttermilk pancakes with different compotes, I have tried a few other dishes that come very close. Above is a picture of the eggs benedict. It comes with a side of huge chunks of tomato and leafy greens. Not only is it savory, but super healthy too (ha ha)!

You can't see very well, but my friend ordered the Split Decision platter, which consists of scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, and home fries. In other words, the perfect American breakfast for those who cannot choose.

Another side dish that I am particularly fond of here is the mac and cheese. I'm from the south and I know what good mac and cheese is and Butterfingers actually does a great job. It's cheesy, it's mac-y, and delicious!

The menu seems to change a lot based on their specials. This past time, they were serving chicken friend steak. Yes, Chicken Fried Steak. It's pretty much a thin cut of steak cooked with fried chicken batter. It is smothered with some gravy and blueberry compote. I was actually pretty skeptical about the blueberry compote being served with gravy, but it ended up being really unique and delicious. Something you may not eat together, but somehow works.

Butterfingers can get a bit pricy, but it's also worth it when treating yourself to something you cannot get everyday. The price range is anywhere between 15000 to 20000WON, but I promise you will leave feeling extra full or even with a to-go box. 

The Gangnam location seems to be the most popular and convenient one. Take Gangnam station exit #10 and take the first legit left. Stay on the left side and it will be right next to Burger King. There is another location in Apgujeong near the Gangnam NANTA theater. I'm also aware that there is another in Bundang.

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Aeri Park has had a multicultural history taking her from Seoul to Buenos Aires to Atlanta and back again. She graduated Emory University in 2008 and wanted to experience the culture of the place she was born. Aeri arrived in Suwon in 2010 and is now enjoying her second year teaching in Korea for Chungdahm in Pyeongchon. So far she has most enjoyed the food, fashion, and never ending list of places to explore. Follow Aeri to see where she goes!




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