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Restaurant While Teaching in Korea: Genji the Grill

Posted on Fri, Nov 02, 2012 @ 10:57 AM

Here is yet another addition to my ever growing collection of restaurant posts: Genji the Grill.

This restaurant was very spontaneous. My fellow English teachers in Korea and I were hungry and walking around the Hongik University area when we stumbled upon this beauty of a restaurant. You can't tell much from the picture, but the restaurant has a huge front courtyard, a completely open first floor, and more on the second floor.

What we were immediately attracted to was this walkway right in the front. The decor overall is very Asian inspired and what most people would call "zen." Even people who were not even eating at the restaurant stepped in to take photos.

Although this restaurant was full of couples when I was there, it is also a good place for English teachers in Korea to go with a good group of friends. 

As you can tell by the pictures, the interior is all bamboo-wannabe wood. The service wasn't the best, as the waiters didn't seem very friendly. 

I can't really categorize the food served at this restaurant. I want to say that it's Thai, but then they had other dishes on the menu labeled "fried." You would think by the name that it has a wide selection of grilled meat. There are few, but it definitely was not the highlight.

I ordered my all time favorite dish, Pad Thai. I must say, I had better for the price that I paid, but not horrible. However, don't get me wrong. The dishes my friends have ordered were really delicious. The prices on the wine selections are pretty good and like I mentioned earlier, it's a good place to go to with a group of friends. 

Overall, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very chill and very clean. I wish the service and Pad Thai were better, but I would definitely go back to enjoy some wine with my friends. 

Because we just happened to stumble upon this restaurant, I have no clear directions to get there. If you are familiar with this area, it's in the backstreets of where Club F.F is located.

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Aeri Park has had a multicultural history taking her from Seoul to Buenos Aires to Atlanta and back again. She graduated Emory University in 2008 and wanted to experience the culture of the place she was born. Aeri arrived in Suwon in 2010 and is now enjoying her second year teaching for Chungdahm in Pyeongchon. So far she has most enjoyed the food, fashion, and never ending list of places to explore. Follow Aeri to see where she goes!

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