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Seoul Lantern Fesitval: An Evening Stroll in Seoul, Korea

Posted on Fri, Dec 07, 2012 @ 02:54 PM

My weekend trips into Seoul while being a teacher in Korea are usually social occasions and this makes for an entertaining subway ride and it's always helpful to have that friend who can talk you down from a senseless purchase (I love to shop in Korea!). But a few weekends ago I ventured into Seoul a few hours before my friends planned to leave home, and although they texted to apologize for being late and making me 'go by myself', I actually enjoyed the afternoon and early evening and Seoul and I had some quality alone time.

I made my way toward the Seoul City Hall subway station and after locating a coffee shop I meandered along the city streets in search of the Seoul Lantern Festival. The Seoul Lantern Festival is only a handful of years old, but it has become a popular event in the city. Each year in early November the Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul is lined with extravagant modern lantern displays and traditional lantern depictions of important moments in Korean history. Small paper 'luck lanterns' are also released each night and they float down the stream until they are collected in a giant holding area. The festival is lit each night starting at 5pm and people travel from outside of Seoul to walk along the water and see the show of lights. 

I located the festival entrance and was surprised to find a long entry line even though the display had just opened for the evening. I waited with coffee in hand and the line moved efficiently and quickly through a maze of ropes. The wait was worth it and I took my time walking along the water while admiring all of the unique lanterns. Enjoy some of my pictures from this chilly yet entertaining evening stroll along a stream in Seoul.  

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Devan Meserve, a New Hampshire native and St. Lawrence University alum, decided that after two successful post college years living and working in Boston she was primed for exploration beyond the East Coast. With encouragement from friends and family and Aclipse’s expert advice she landed an instructor position with Chungdahm April English. Devan is loving life in Uijeongbu: she is continuously impressed and entertained by her young students and spends her free time following Anthony Bourdain’s advice, “I’m a big believer in improvising and getting lost.”
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