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Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can. (in Seoul, Korea)

Posted on Fri, Jan 04, 2013 @ 04:30 PM


cake decorating in Korea

Sometimes my weekends are planned, almost down to the minute. With only a few months left living and teaching in Korea, I want to make sure I see and do as much as I can before I fly home. As much as I love to plan, I also live for random weekend mornings void of obligations. A few Sundays ago my friends and I decided to go for a late morning walk along the river near my apartment. The short walk led to a long leisuerly one and then on to lunch in the nearby downtown area of my city.

During lunch my friend discovered that the building across from the restaurant was home to a create-a-cake store. I had read of similar dessert shops in Korea and had always wanted to visit one. Thirty minutes later we meandered across the street and set up camp for the afternoon at a small corner table in Dan Hana's workshop competing for the title of Best Cake Decorator. At Dan Hana you can pick which kind of cake (flavor & size) and which base frosting you prefer and then you are free to let your creative juices flow.

cake decorating in Seoul

cake toppings in Korea

cake toppings in Korea

A few hours later we made our way to the register where we paid for the cakes and decorations (you pick from a buffet selection of frostings, candy and decorations and then pay for them at the end) and politely asked a cute Korean couple which cake they preferred from our group's display. I don't want to brag, but my childish mess of a cake was deemed the best, or at least that's what I think the Korean teenage boy meant when he pointed at my bright pink and flowery cake. I relished in his professional pastry accolades for a brief moment until I glanced back in his direction and caught him squeezing frosting into his mouth straight from the pastry bag. 


*Check out this video from a Dan Hana location in Hongdae.* 

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Devan Meserve, a New Hampshire native and St. Lawrence University alum, decided that after two successful post college years living and working in Boston she was primed for exploration beyond the East Coast. With encouragement from friends and family and Aclipse’s expert advice she landed an instructor position with Chungdahm April English. Devan is loving life in Uijeongbu: she is continuously impressed and entertained by her young students and spends her free time following Anthony Bourdain’s advice, “I’m a big believer in improvising and getting lost.”
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