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5 Things I Love about Cafe Bene in Korea

Posted on Fri, May 24, 2013 @ 04:00 PM

I’ve been in Korea close to 12 months already.  Over the past 11 months, I’ve come tocafe bene appreciate many of what Korea has to offer to foreigners like myself who choose to live and teach in Korea for a year or more.  Personally, I think that the year I’ve been in Korea was well spent.  Although I’ve spent much of my time alone, I feel that I’ve come to know myself much better as a result.  Korea offers foreigners the chance to explore Asian culture, a comfortable lifestyle, a decent income and a welcoming attitude.  What more could you ask for?  One of my favorite places to go during my downtime, Cafe Bene.  Here’s why.

1.  The Greeting.  Although this isn’t an everyday occurrence, I’m pleasantly surprised when I enter Cafe Bene on a Sunday and be greeted with a chant.  It makes me smile every time.  Imagine that!  Walking into a coffee shop and the staff chants their greeting with smiling faces as you enter.  

2.  The Wall Decoration.  To be living and teaching English in Korea for a year, I was incredibly pleased to see a bit of Western culture here, half way around the world.  In the 3 three Caffe Bene spots I frequent the most, the wall is decorated with a mural of two women and one little girl; they are harvesters, gathering what appears to be some sort of fruit.  It’s quite beautiful; there smiling faces and good attitude.  I <3 this place.

IMG 0522

3.  The Coffee.  Although you may find that coffee shops tend to be a bit pricy in Korea, as it was for me, I think that it’s well worth it.  I tend to think of it as a Sunday treat.  My favorite beverage so far, Cafe Mocha w/ cream and chocolate syrup.  Attempting to lose the 5lbs I’ve gained in Korea, no cream, no chocolate syrup, haha!  On occasion, I’ll try something else on the menu.  It’s nice to try new things.  I’ve had the green tea, white mocha and a few of the dessert items.  It’s quite good.

4.  The Bathroom.  Decorated with bonsai trees and the same themed wallpaper, the bathroom in Caffe Bene makes me feel happy.  There are two rooms in the ladies bathroom (idk what’s inside the men’s room); the first room has a sitting area and wall to wall mirrors, for checking make-up I guess.  The second room has two stalls fancied with impressive toilets and a sink basin I really wish I could take home.  

5.  Free Wi-fi.  There’s no code to enter on your computer for Cafe Bene.  You just select Cafe Bene in your wi-fi menu and you’re connected.  Simple.  Having been to other coffee shops in Korea, like StarBucks, Angel In Us and others, I’ve come to appreciate how simple it is to connect to the internet at Cafe Bene.  

I love this place so much.  I’m here right now writing this blog.  What will be your favorite coffee shop in Korea?  Start your application today to find out.  

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Nailah Rivers was born in Trinidad and Tobago.  She moved to the United States with her family at the age of seven.  She graduated Rutgers University in 2011 with a degree in psychology.   Her sophomore year in college, she knew for sure that she would pursue a teaching career with a focus on elementary school.  After a risky move to Miami, Florida in 2011, Nailah decided to take a chance and apply to teach English in South Korea with Chungdahm Learning.  She is currently teaching in Pohang, South Korea and is having a good time teaching and learning.  Follow her blog to get the inside scoop on teaching abroad. Follow Nailah on Pintrest!

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