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The Love Castle: A Lewd and Less Conservative Side of Korea

Posted on Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 04:11 PM

If you’re going to be teaching in Korea for a year, you will want to add Gyeongju to your list ofhaving fun at the love castle in Korea places to visit before leaving South Korea.  Gyeongju, South Korea has taken a special place in my heart.  It is in fact one of the popular tourist destinations in Korea as it was once the capital of South Korea.  It’s a place where much of traditional Korean culture is widely observed; from building structures, to food, to the scenery, Gyeongju, is in my opinion, Korea.  Of the few times I’ve visited the neighboring town, I’ve enjoyed my time there immensely.  As mentioned before, there are several things to do in Gyeongju but, I didn’t expect to find an amusement park that was this amusing.  It’s filled entirely with interesting and incredibly provocative displays. Here are a few.

How can a country be so conservative in one aspect, yet so liberal in others?  I still don’t know.  Perhaps, it has to do with breaking the ice for newlywed couples.  Perhaps it’s for those wanting to venture outside of the routine of daily of daily life and work and add a little spice to their life.  I truly don’t know.  However, I did find The Love Castle, quite interesting.  Here's why.

1.  Sex is an interesting topic, isn't it?  While this would be an interesting place to go on a date, going with a group isn't a bad idea either.  After you get over the shock of how provocative some displays are, you develop a level of comfort with the topic.  At least, I did.  Erring on the more conservative side myself, with such openess about all things regarding sex, you get quite comfortable with the topic quite quickly.  

IMG 1066

2.  Sex is a part of life.  While some will blush at the mention of the topic, as an adult, you realize that being open to the discussion of the topic is quite freeing.  Whether in the company of long time friends, recent aquaintances or perfect strangers, you realize how much sex is a part of life.  Truly, how did you and I get here?  Think about that for a second...

 IMG 0506IMG 0505

3.  Sex is an art form.  At The Love Castle, you will find sculptures in all shapes and sizes from all different ethnicities and periods in history perfectly formed.  I think I have a deeper appreciation for the topic of sex as a result.  I haven't been to a place like this before, so it was quite interesting.  I mean, wouldn't you agree?

IMG 1071

4.  Sex is fun and playful; at least it should be.  With such openess about the topic of sex, The Love Castle adds much playfullness and openmindedness to the topic.  It's all quite interesting actually.

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All in all, this is by far the most amusing place I've been to in Korea.  Although I felt a little perverted completely entrance by some of the figures, I find that Korea has a nice mix of conservative and open-mindedness.  Start your application today to start having crazy adventures living and teaching in Korea!

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Nailah Rivers was born in Trinidad and Tobago.  She moved to the United States with her family at the age of seven.  She graduated Rutgers University in 2011 with a degree in psychology.   Her sophomore year in college, she knew for sure that she would pursue a teaching career with a focus on elementary school.  After a risky move to Miami, Florida in 2011, Nailah decided to take a chance and apply to teach English in South Korea with Chungdahm Learning.  She is currently teaching in Pohang, South Korea and is having a good time teaching and learning.  Follow her blog to get the inside scoop on teaching abroad.Follow Nailah on Pintrest!

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