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How to Incorporate Fun Into Your Classroom

Posted on Tue, Aug 13, 2013 @ 11:14 AM

Being an English teacher for Chungdahm does not mean that you are restricted to a itinerary everyday like most people think. There is flexibility within your classroom by being able to incorporate other fun things into the everyday schedule. One special class that I had with my amazing Memory Tera students who are extremely young in age is allowing the to participate in a bucket list check off for me.


Giving back to others is one thing that is always on the top of my list. Donating my long hair has been one bucket list check that I’ve been dying to do for quite a while now and who would have ever thought that I’d do it when I’m in Korea. Basically, I am sending my hair over seas, that’s quite a bucket list check off if you ask me. True dedication here!


Originally, it was going to be a recorded process from the hair salon to the day of shipment, but being that I am so spontaneous, that changed after two weeks of planning. I decided to incorporate my students in the fun by allowing them to snip off my hair. They were of course, extremely nervous but enjoyed every moment of it.


Because I have been telling my students for quite a while that I was going to donate my hair, they’ve been asking me every day they see me to figure out when exactly it was going to happen. Cutting off 16 inches of hair is not easy. They definitely thought I was going to back out of that one.

 On the day of their testing, I told them that I would reward them if they did well to allow them to cut my hair. Throughout their test they were amped. It was a great way to encourage them to do well during the level up test. Except on my one hand, I was nervous counting down every second until that very moment they finished their test.


Honestly, they finished earlier than expected and I told them to check over their answers. Definitely glad it was a good class, one that I know everyone will level up in. Once test materials were collected, they washed their hands, we shut the door and it happened. With two braids, two students participated in the cutting and everyone participated in the laughter and surprise.


They were so happy that they were able to participate in such an event and I’m grateful to have this experience to share with them. They admit that cutting my hair was harder than the level up testing, but it was definitely all fun and games after that! Of course, I didn't leave it as it was after the students cut it. I had to get it done at the salon. Never trust your students with a pair of scissors, unless you love them that much!

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