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A Quick Stop at a Raccoon Cafe with Giselle

Posted on Thu, Oct 18, 2018 @ 12:00 PM



Cat cafes. Dog cafes. Domestic animal cafes are pretty well-known by now. I’ve had many friends from the US ask me about dog and cat cafes. I have a dog cafe near my home - a 5 minute walk away. Sure, they are adorable and nice to pet, but many people already have them as pets at home. What is far more exciting are raccoon cafes. I don’t know any friend that has a raccoon as a pet!

In Seoul, there are a handful of animal themed cafes. I know my friends have mentioned they know of raccoon cafes in Hongdae and in Mapo. However, my experience at a raccoon cafe happened in Myeongdong. So let me tell you about my experience at Myeongdong’s Raccoon Cafe Kkukkune (라쿤카페 꾸꾸네) - scroll down for location at end of article.                                                       


This particular cafe  is open Tuesday to Sunday. It’s hours vary by day. However, it is open by 2PM every day and always closes at 10PM. It may be tricky to find, but there is an Etude House on the first floor. If you act like you are walking into Etude House and look to your left you will notice an elevator. That’s when you’ll notice to cafe sign. Just take the elevator up to begin your raccoon-filled experience.

Customers take their shoes off first and leave them in shoe lockers. Then, you enter the actual cafe. You’ll notice it is well themed and chic. The price to be at the cafe is 6,000won. This price doesn’t include your drink. It’s extra, but their prices are fair. Their mint mocha latte and double mocha latte are especially delicious. Once you pay, the worker will hand you a paper with a list of rules on it - they have it English, too!

The raccoons don’t roam around freely in the cafe. They have their own area. From everywhere in the cafe you can see the raccoon area. If you want to get up close and personal, then you can go into the raccoon area. There you are free to play and pet the raccoons - in a respectful and careful manner. They are absolutely adorable and delightfully mischievous.

Delicious drinks. Chic vibe. Furry friends. Great pictures. Excellent memories. I highly recommend making this an addition to your ‘must do’ list while teaching in Korea!

















Location: 36-2 Myeongnyun 2(i)ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul

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