Teachers Share their Experiences While Living Abroad!

Why I Like Working at i-Garten

How My Sister Visited Korea and Quarantined in My Home

Socializing While Distancing

Staying Connected While Abroad

Attending a Korean Wedding

Reopening Offline Classes Gradually

Testimonial from Chungdahm Teacher, Christy, during COVID19 Pandemic (Part 2: Quarantine)

Testimonial from Chungdahm Teacher, Christy, during COVID19 Pandemic (Part 1: Chicago to Seattle to Seoul)

Testimonial from Chungdahm Teacher, Nico, during COVID19 Pandemic

Arriving in Korea During the COVID-19 Pandemic

I’m Lucky to Live in Korea During the COVID19 Pandemic

Teaching Chungdahm's Online Classes during COVID19

Enjoying Haneul Park

Summer in Siquijor

Teachers Share their Experiences While Living Abroad!

Korea's Sports Monster

Life in Korea: Learning to Adapt

Why Living in Cheonan, South Korea was a True Blessing

Life After Korea

Recycling and Waste Disposal in South Korea

Teaching in South Korea vs Teaching Back Home: What's the Difference?

Korean Camping Culture: Making Time in the Great Korean Outdoors

Seoul Sky Observatory Visit

How Aclipse Enriched My Experience

Living in, and Loving Pohang

I Accidentally Went to the Biggest Hospital in Korea

Choosing a Cell Phone Plan

Caribbean Bay Adventure

My Favorite Restaurants in Busan

Enjoying Halloween Fun in Korea

Nico's Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Busan

My Take on Chungdahm Training Week

A Day in the Life of an iGarten Teacher

Taean Weekend Trip

Monica's Favorite Places in Korea

Gapyeong Top Land Bungee Jump Adventure

Tips and Tricks for Classroom Management

My Experience Moving Abroad as a Couple

Discovering My Heritage

Why I Chose Korea

Summer Friends

Fun and Easy to Prepare ESL Games!

Take the Plunge, Make Life Richer

Hanbok Experience in Seoul

Bigger isn't Always Better

Giselle’s Day Trip Out of Seoul: Semiwon Garden and Dumulmeori

Rock Climbing


Small City Livin': Transition and Community

Giselle's Classroom Rules

A Compare and Contrast with Giselle: Chungdahm Institute and Chungdahm April

My First Weeks Teaching at Chungdahm April

Discovering the Musical Arts in Seoul

DMZ Tour with Giselle

Little Big Moments

Spring Days in Ansan

Why I'm Glad I Went to Korea through Aclipse/Chungdahm

A Perfect Winter Day

An April Lotte World Aquarium Field Trip

Why Natalie Recommended Aclipse and CDI to her Friend

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Korean Valentines Day

Seollal 설날 in Korea

Laser Eye Surgery Options in Korea

KidZania Field Trip with My April Students

Why I Recommended Aclipse/CDI to my Friend

Working Out at Saemaul Fitness

How I Stumbled Upon Getting a Personal Trainer

Top 10 Items to Bring to Korea

Teaching Tips with Nico

Settling In

Hiking Cheonggye Mountain

A Day in Paju

First Week Down, Many to Go

Seollal in Seonyudo

Winter Essentials to Bring from Abroad

A Relaxing Visit to Siloam Sauna Jjimjilbang

Giselle's Reasons for Extending Her Stay

Enjoying a Visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁)

Giselle Responds to 11 Commonly Asked Questions

Tropical City Life

Treating My Acne in one of the Beauty Clinic Capitals of the World

Why I Chose Aclipse and Chungdahm for the Second Time

Ten Must Have Expressions in Korean

Giselle's Yeosu Weekend Trip

Traveling to Busan during Chuseok 추석

Change Your City, Change Your Hair, Change Your Life

Paragliding with Giselle

Conquer the Korean Language Barrier in Seoul

A Quick Stop at a Raccoon Cafe with Giselle

Everything you need to know about Phone Usage in Korea

Mangwon Munching

Korean Side Dishes: Banchan 반찬

A Good Day

Christine's Week of Teaching April and CDI Classes

No Korean Ability, No Problem.

Chungdahm Training Week with Christine

My First Hiking Experience in Bukhansan National Park

Join Me for a Korean Kickboxing Class in Korea

Head to a Korean Bathhouse (jjimjilbang-찜질방) after Class with Giselle

Why I Applied with Aclipse and CDI for the Second Time

It's Summer! Time to Catch the Train to Busan!

Teach with Aclipse and Chungdahm: No Lesson Planning Required

5 Travel Destinations You MUST Visit While Teaching in Korea

Interviewing an Experienced CDI Teacher: Matt Ellis

To do list: Packing up your life in Korea

English Teacher in Korea: Paying Off Student Loans

Neil's Final Blog Post

Giselle's Weekend Trip to Gangneung: Where You See the Sun Rise

Why Aclipse and Chungdahm were the Right Choice for Me

Brian's Trip to the Dental Clinic for Bonded Retainers and Cleaning

Perspective: Interview with Breana and Joe

Tijana's  4-year Professional and Personal Growth at Chungdahm Learning

Giselle's Classroom Tips: WH Questions and Cold Calling

Giselle's Weekend Getaway at Jeju Island, Korea’s Hawaii

Get to know Korean Soups and Stews with Chungdahm Teacher, Brian Lee

Neil's Experience with Faculty Managers

The Philippines: Affordable Island Getaway from Korea

Bukchon Hanok Village: Must Visit Spot While Teaching Abroad

Sobia's Unforgettable Teaching Experience

Brian's Top 5 Tips for New and Veteran Teachers!

Neil's Amazing Korean Adventure: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Russell's First Six Months Teaching in Seongnam, Korea

Top 5 Korean Dishes you Must Try

The First Weeks for Teachers at Chungdahm

Korean Cafe Culture: 3 Cafes by Gangnam Station Worth Visiting

How to Keep Fit and Stay Active in Korea

Cherry Blossoms Everywhere:The 5 Best Festival Locations in Korea

How to Obtain Your Visa Documents in South Africa to Teach in Korea

Need to Know: Korean Holidays (PART 1)

Project Based Learning at Chungdahm  

Visiting a Beauty Clinic in Gangnam: Unique to Teaching in Korea

How to Overcome Homesickness While Teaching in Korea

Five Fun Spring Activities To Do In Seoul 

Get to Know All the Modes of Transportation in Korea

Managing Your Utility Expenses While Teaching in Korea

How to Do Online Banking While Teaching in Korea

My Trip to the Winter Olympic Games in Peyongchang

How to be Connected from Day One While Teaching in Korea

Fun Activities to do on a Budget while Teaching in Korea

How to Do Your Taxes While Teaching in Korea

How to Plan a Skiing and Snowboarding Trip While Teaching in Korea

How to Obtain Your Visa Documents in Canada to Teach in Korea

A Guide to Grocery Shopping While Teaching in Korea 

Learn About Janelle's First Weeks in Gangneung Teaching for ChungDahm

5 Essential Tools to Make Your Life Easier While Teaching in Korea

How to Enjoy the Performing Arts and Concerts While Teaching in Korea

Learn About Giselle's First Weeks Living and Teaching in Korea: Part 2

Learn About Giselle's First Weeks Living and Teaching in Korea: Part 1

How To Celebrate and Socialize with Your Fellow Teachers at ChungDahm

How to Celebrate the Holiday Season While Teaching in Korea

My Top Three Lessons After Living and Teaching in Korea for One Year

Tijana Tells You Why You Should Teach in Korea for ChungDahm

How Teaching in Korea Allowed me To Grow Professionally and Personally

If You are a Foodie Check Out These 3 Restaurants While Teaching in Korea

5 Unique Spots to Check Out In Seoul

Experience Fall in Korea By Taking a Weekend Hike in the Mountains

Korean Words You Should Know While Teaching in Korea

How to Save Money During the Winter Months While Teaching in Korea

Like Movies? Read About Linda's Trip to the Busan International Film Festival

How to Build Your Confidence as a Teacher at ChungDahm

Interested in Growing at ChungDahm? Learn About Becoming a Team Leader

How To Become Embraced By The Korean Community

How to Obtain Your Visa Documents in New Zealand to Teach in Korea

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Everland During the Fall in Korea

Read About Morghan's First Days of Living and Teaching in Korea

Top Tips for Embracing the Fall Season While Teaching in Korea

Find Out How Korea is Preparing for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang

Enjoy the Beautiful View of the East Sea By Hiking in Igidae Park

Meet Romy Darius and Learn About Her Two Weeks Teaching for ChungDahm

Learn About Chuseok: One of Korea's Most Celebrated Holidays

Learn About the Secret Benefits of Living and Teaching in Korea

Learn about Living in Geoje from a Veteran ChungDahm Teacher

Learn the Differences Between ChungDahm and April Academy

How to Build a Great Relationship with the Korean Staff at ChungDahm

How to Live Cheap, Clean, and Healthy While Teaching in Korea

Best Places To Get Supplies for a New Term at ChungDahm

Learn About the April Summer Hybrid Program at ChungDahm

Meet Dianna Coleman: One of ChungDahm's Newest Teachers

5 Apps To Improve Your Life While Living and Teaching in Korea

4 Major Differences Between Living in Korea and The U.S.

Get out of the City and visit the Hemp Farm In Boseong

A Survival Guide for Summer School at ChungDahm

Don't Sweat the Apartment When You Begin Teaching For ChungDahm

How to Plan A Vacation While Teaching in Korea for ChungDahm

Five Professional Skills You Will Gain by Teaching for ChungDahm

Three Unique Activities You Should Try While Teaching in Korea

Marvel at Korea's Countryside By Visiting the Boseong Green Tea Fields

How to Embrace Monsoon Season While Teaching in Korea

Top 5 Unique Places To Check Out in Seoul While Teaching in Korea

3 Things That Will Help You Live Comfortably While Teaching in Korea

5 Ways to Enjoy the Summer While Teaching in Korea

Top Tips About Setting up a Cell Phone While Teaching in Korea

Get Away From the City and Go Camping While Teaching in Korea

Five Things I Wish I knew Prior to Teaching in Korea

3 Korean Myths You Should Know About Before Teaching in Korea

Top Korean Phrases you Should Learn Prior to Teaching in Korea

Get to Know Korean Dining Etiquette

With Summer Here Find Out the Top 5 Places to Visit on the Han River

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