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ChungDahm Embraces Social Learning

Posted on Mon, Feb 16, 2015 @ 11:19 AM

Every semester Chungdahm Learning incorporates new student projects, either at a branch level or at a national level. The latest projects is a new website, Loudestbrain.com.  The website will push social learning through social media and national collaboration. Chungdahm's smart classroom platform allows teachers and students to use an unique social network to showcase social learning on a national scale. Through Loudestbrain.com students can interact with one another through social learning platforms.
Over the past three semesters one of Chungdahm's biggest national collaboration projects has been the Social Fun Projects. Social Fun Projects  are usually conducted in week 11 with facilitators (teachers) proctoring them and motivating the students to come up with creative ideas.  In weeks 12 the projects are submitted by the branch project managers and in weeks 13 to week 1 or 2 of the following semester, winners are chosen on a national scale. All Chungdahm locations can participate in the competition  and the winners get national recognition and YouTube videos to showcase their creative abilities.
This semester I had the opportunity of working as one of my branch's project managers. As a project manager you have the responsibility of collecting all Social Fun Projects from instructors and choosing a winner in each category relating to your branch's levels and courses. According to the project guidelines you have to choose 10 different winners in the categories of  EC4, Mega, Giga, Tera, Bridge, Par, Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, and Albatross+. These levels go from lower English ability and fluency to higher English ability and fluency.  Also, depending on your branch the projects will either be conducted in V1 classes or C2/C2D classes.   This semester our branch had C2 classes so almost all projects submitted were under the C2 category. Once we chose the winners we had to submit the projects on the Loudestbrain website.
On the Loudestbrain website all facilitators had to submit the chosen projects in each levels' category and add photographs of the projects along with all of the information about the students. Also,  all the students descriptions of their projects had to be inserted and what ChungDahm branch they go to.
The Social Fun Projects this semester for C2 was a pair of glasses that the students had to draw in one side, A, "If someone was aware of the lesson's topic, what would they see?" and on the other side, B, "If someone was not aware of the lesson's topic what would they see?" For V1,  the students had to complete a story using a picture storyline and cutouts. Instructors brought in colorful pens and supplies and also received some materials from their branches.
ChungDahm Learning Social Fun
 In the summer semester the students really enjoyed the C2 project of designing a desk for smart classrooms. The winners had some really creative ideas such as output plugs from their desks and LED touch screens that popped-up like holograms. There was also foot rests and biomechanical changes to their chairs. Once all the winners were chosen by headquarters, the Chungdahm Service Team made a creative video using all the students different ideas to create one smart desk. Teachers showed the students the video during class time and they reacted wonderfully to seeing the desk that they had created. There is also talk that Chungdahm might look into making some original copies of the smart desk for future use.
ChungDahm Learning
The winter semester winners will be chosen on the Loudestbrain website though an online voting system from teachers and students. We look forward to the future winners and seeing all the students creative ideas nationwide.
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It is no surprise that Tijana Huysamen, a South African born Capetownian, avid traveler and travel journalist, fell in love with South Korea and its people. After Tijana arrived in South Korea in 2010, she had the opportunity to live in the heart of the Korean countryside. During her time spent in Chungnam province she learned to speak Korean, prepare Korean food and experience the humble nature of the countryside people.  After a year break in New York, Tijana jumped at the opportunity to return to Korea again, and is currently working at the CDI Jamsil Branch, in Jamsil, Seoul. Read Tijana’s Aclipse blog to gain a unique perspective on Korea and her shared experiences and adventures both in a major city and in the countryside. Follow Tijana on Twitter @TeeAnni or email tijanahuysamen120@hotmail.com to request more information on teaching in Korea!

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