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First Week Down, Many to Go

Posted on Tue, Jan 08, 2019 @ 12:00 PM

Hello everyone! You are now talking to (or i guess just reading?) an English teacher who has completed her first week. Some updates: Still no Wifi, still sleeping on an air mattress (waiting for my bed and it feels like forever), work is fun, and co-workers are great. Since we last met, I went to this place in Itaewon, Seoul – this is where a lot of foreigners go. I was able to hear this awesome DJ play, my friends and I loved him. That next day one of my friends from when I studied abroad in Gwangju, South Korea in 2015 visited me. We had Korean BBQ (when do I not??), strawberry macaroon bingsu, and we also went to ikea where I bought my first piece of actual furniture – a white little dresser.

I 100%  built that thing myself (I bought my own hammer) and yes it was hard. Sadly the weekend had to come to an end and I started my first full week of teaching. The first day I was nervous but settled in pretty fast. The kids were cute and the material was easy to teach, the most difficult part was adding your own flare to make the class fun. That week happened to be the last week of the term (each term is 13 weeks) so we had snack parties at the end of each class and played an English based game like pictionary. One of the things the kids drew was trump (picture below- its so funny). Wednesday rolled around, and this week a few of the girls were not scheduled to work so we decided to make it a fun girls’ day out! We went to a place called Dongdaemun History and Culture Park where we ate Shake Shack -yasssss- and went to this cool nail mall. One of my co-workers is amazing at doing nails and she was nice enough to do mine. I am convinced she needs to open up her own shop, its perfection.

The last couple of days at school were the same. I had the kids do little projects like write short stories with plots and settings and another class made mobiles to teach you how to be unplugged from technology. One group of girls made a story about a character named “Ashleigh” who is in a romance with “Alex” and then one boy drew a picture of Travis Scott’s album Astroworld on his mobile – he’s a big rap fan. That night, a couple of my co-workers-now-turned-friends and I went out to some Korean/Chinese fusion. I had something called jajangmyeon which is noodles and savory sauce with veggies and beef.

This past weekend was fun too. I met up with some people I trained with and we went back to Dongdaemun to walk around and shop. Right outside the subway exit, there was a farmer’s market! The market was actually in where they have Seoul Fashion week, so as you can see below, the architecture is nice. We found a little Russian restaurant and it was really good. To be honest I couldn’t tell you the title of what I ate, but one was a cucumber/tomato and onion salad (cucumbers are gross but everything else was so delicious.

That Sunday I was invited to a friend’s house – a girl I trained with. I bought some olive and grain bread from the Paris Baguette I’ve been stealing Wifi from and brought it along. She cooked an amazing meal. The word amazing can’t fully describe it. It was mostly plant based/vegan food. There was a stew like dip with tomatoes and other spices that we dipped the bread in, a fruit dish with grapes, kiwis, persimmons and tangerines, cooked broccoli, eggplant, and sweet potatoes (yum). For dessert she made a coconut honey cocoa mousse with coconut macaroons that had almonds in the middle. It was fabulous. Then later that day I met two of my friends in Hongdae where we just walked around and ate dinner!


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Ashleigh Litzsinger is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri, and is now living in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. She believes that good humor, passion, high energy, and an open mind are key components when facing every day life.

Through an internship at The International Trade Center of Shanghai, Ashleigh gained the exposure to apply what she’s learned and grow in her professionalism. This brought the inspiration to apply to teach abroad. Ashleigh believes that good humor, passion, high energy, and an open mind are key components in one's daily life.

Ashleigh translates her passion of traveling and broadening her understanding of international culture by writing a blog based upon her experiences, some great and some not so great.

Ashleigh holds an International Business degree with an emphasis in Chinese language and management from the Trulaske College of Business at the University of Missouri.

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