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Three Unique Activities You Should Try While Teaching in Korea

Posted on Fri, Jul 28, 2017 @ 12:00 PM

While living and teaching in Korea, I have experienced some fun but unique activities. I’ve already discussed my top 5 favorite places to go to in Seoul, which you can check out here, but in this blog I wanted to go over some more things to do. These are all activities that are a bit hard to find, or that might make others hesitant to try, but if given the opportunity I highly recommend trying out. They are also great date activities, but perfectly fine to do by yourself.

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Learn About "Twinning": A Staple of Korean Culture

Posted on Tue, Feb 14, 2017 @ 03:58 PM

 Insomuch as different cultures have the ability to surprise, this uniqueness of this practice still fails to escape me: “Twinning.”

Most of us know the term, and it’s self-explanatory enough. When two people have very similar or even identical thoughts, behaviors, clothing, etc., it’s common to hear, “Twinning!” It’s a play on words – the hybrid of ‘twins’ and ‘winning,’ to imply strength through sameness. Well South Korea is fantastic at ‘twinning,’ and purposefully so.

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A Secret Dating Place Outside of Seoul

Posted on Mon, Jun 16, 2014 @ 02:50 PM


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A Teacher Visits the Olympic Park in Jamsil, Korea

Posted on Wed, May 07, 2014 @ 11:17 PM

Coming from the desert, the only seasons I remember were hot and cold. That's why I am so glad to be here in Korea because we get all four! And I'm going to take advantage of this amazing weather by spending it outside. One of the best outdoor places in Korea to get your exercise and get your culture on is at Seoul Olympic Park

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Dating Culture in Korea

Posted on Wed, Jan 22, 2014 @ 01:30 PM

If you are looking to find your significant other, chances are, you'll have a higher chance to find her randomly in Korea. Because the dating culture in Korea is so important, everyone is always on the lookout for their partner. In fact, Koreans are constantly in relationships and mark Christmas as a couples holiday, not a family holiday. There are a few ways that can increase your chance in finding your significant other, by doing it the way the locals do it.

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Insight into Seoul's Pride Festival in Korea

Posted on Fri, Jun 14, 2013 @ 03:53 PM

Seoul held its 14th annual Korea Queer Cultural Festival in the college district of Hongdae this past weekend. Although not nearly as big as Los Angeles' or San Diego's festivals, the day was a burst of color and alternative rarely seen in Korea. My friends and I had a great time, but it was an experience of mixed emotions. I attended the fest to enjoy the temperate weather, have a good time with other English teaching friends, and to express my pride as a gay man. My first two intentions were met quite well. The third, however, was disheartened just a little by the size of the festival.

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Icing on the cake: Couples' Cake Decorating While Teaching in Korea

Posted on Thu, Jun 07, 2012 @ 09:32 AM

When teaching English in Korea, one notices how cute Koreans are when it comes to dating. I'm not talking about the matching couple outfits, but about all the cool date spots. 

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A Lesson on Valentine’s Day by a Teacher in Korea

Posted on Thu, Feb 23, 2012 @ 10:18 AM

Student: Teacher, next week is Valentine’s Day so you have to give me chocolate.
Me: Excuse me? 
Student: Valentine’s Day means the girls give boys chocolate!
Me: Excuse me?

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Namsan Seoul Tower

Posted on Thu, Feb 09, 2012 @ 10:44 AM

One of the most famous tourist sites in Korea is the Namsan Seoul Tower. From the outlook you have a panoramic view of the city, and it is especially beautiful at sunset. Neil and I visited Namsan on New Years Eve. We took the metro to Myeong-dong station and left from exit 3. We walked to the place where we could take a cable car up, (a round trip ticket is 8,000 won). Getting to the cable car is a fast way of getting up to the tower, but if you’re going on it to get a look at some scenery, I’m not entirely sure if it is worth it because we were packed like sardines in there! 

There were so many pictures to take once we reached Namsan Tower! Unfortunately, I don’t have any good sunset pictures from the peak as it happened to be really muggy that day. However, I still have some interesting ones of these locks that you will find up there. Couples from all over come to this place to declare their love for each other with the symbol of a lock, promising that they will never break up. It’s a bizarre concept considering love is supposed to set you free, but nonetheless a cute thing to do with your special someone. My cousin was the one who recommended it to me to do with Neil while he was here. My cousin even said that he has more than one lock up there somewhere, each with a different girlfriend! I made fun of him for it, and will probably never let him live that down...

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Cold Days as an English Teacher in Korea: Spend a Week at a Mall

Posted on Fri, Jan 06, 2012 @ 09:18 AM


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