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Smartphone Apps You NEED While in Korea

Posted on Sat, Jul 05, 2014 @ 08:07 AM

We live in a smartphone world. My dependence on my iPhone is, undoubtedly, ridiculous, and yet I just need it. Living in Korea has made my borderline addiction a little bit more understandable, though, because I use my phone constantly to get information about buses, subways, restaurants, and events. Living in an unfamiliar place is made so much easier by the accessibility of information on the internet and through apps, so here are the most useful apps I've found (and used!) while in Korea

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3 Things You Can Live Without While Teaching English in Korea

Posted on Fri, Mar 16, 2012 @ 09:13 AM

Before I came to teach English in Korea, there were a million and five questions I had in terms of how I was going to live. Although excited, I was very concerned about how I would adjust to living without things I was used to. There are things that happen in our day to day life routine that are not thought about, but just done out of habit. Three of the things that you can live without with over in Korea are: 1) Television, 2) Dryer, and 3) Car.

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Grocery Shopping in Korea

Posted on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 @ 09:08 AM

      Nearly every block in Korea has a convenience store, and every neighborhood has a mini/super market. When I first got to South Korea to teach English, I had no problem finding these stores. The only problem was that their selection was limited. It wasn’t the Target or even the Ralphs I was used to back home. There had to be something bigger with more foreign selections. I was right!

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Six GREAT REASONS to Teach in Korea

Posted on Tue, Dec 13, 2011 @ 10:19 AM

        There were many factors to consider before making the final decision to come to teach English in South Korea.  I probably thought about it for a good 6 months. Here’s a list of concerns I had and the reasons why I chose to come to Korea to teach English. Hopefully this list will help you decide as well or just calm your fears.


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Getting around while teaching in Seoul: Transit is Almost Too Easy.

Posted on Mon, Aug 29, 2011 @ 01:32 PM

Having traversed Seoul for the last 18 months, I have come to really resent the transit system that serves my hometown of Toronto. Between the $3 subway rides and taxi fares that are never under $10, getting around back home is a nightmare compared to Seoul. I thought I should take a minute to summarize why I think Seoul has the best transit infrastructure in the world. When moving to teach English in Korea, getting around the city will definitely not be your chief concern. Basically, the awesomeness can be divided into three categories.

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