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Vacation from Korea: Sightseeing in Tokyo

Posted on Wed, Jun 19, 2013 @ 02:32 PM

After spending a year teaching in Korea, you may want some time off.  I know I did.  Tokyo’s Metro System was pretty easy to understand.  To be honest, if you can understand one, you will understand them all.  Flying into Narita Airport, it was fairly easy to navigate my way to my hostel, Khaosan Tokyo Original, near Asakusa Station.  The thing about Tokyo’s Metro System is that you have to know the fare to where you’re going.  This was probably the most confusing part as I had to constantly ask for assistance.  And by asking, I mean pointing and gesturing.  With a little help from the internet, I was able to figure out what the best things to see and do in Tokyo are.  Here are a few.  

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Seoul, Korea to Koh Samet: Wish You Were Here, Or Maybe Not.

Posted on Wed, Jan 09, 2013 @ 03:50 PM

I have no intention of making you jealous, but I have to inform you that I am writing this blog post from a beach chair 4 feet from the water on the small island of Koh Samet in Thailand. It is late afternoon and the beach area in front of my resort (My bungalow is $20 a night!) is starting to clear out for the day. I personally think dusk is the best part of a beach day. The sky's color is spectacular, the sun isn't as intense as it was a few hours prior and I can finally tell by looking at my skin that yes, I in fact did manage to tan and not burn after hours of frolicking in the surf.

I tell you all this because upon traveling to the island from Bangkok, where I spent 3 days being social and saying goodbye to 2012, I have come to the realization that solo-travel may just be the best thing I have done so far in 2013. I admit I was a bit nervous to embark on my solo winter vacation to Thailand. I had traveled alone before but those trips were always only short jaunts from one place to another to meet friends, family or study abroad groups. Because my other expat friends in Korea did not share my vacation days and I knew I didn't want to stick around Seoul for another week of winter, I booked flights to Bangkok and a hostel for the first night and hoped for the best.

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