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Exploring Caves on Jeju When Teaching In Korea

Posted on Wed, Nov 07, 2012 @ 01:16 PM

Even though there are hundreds of things to do on Jeju, there is one thing that is a must for any visitor or English teacher in Korea. And no, I am not talking about the beaches or climbing Korea's tallest mountain, I am talking about exploring the caves that can be found throughout the island.
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An English Teacher in Korea Travels to Jeju Island

Posted on Tue, Sep 25, 2012 @ 09:02 AM

Labeled as the Hawaii of Korea, Jeju is an island South of Seoul and is only hour away by plane. With constant flights almost every hour of the day heading out, it is practically recommended for a weekend trip for everyone including English teachers in South Korea. Although a weekend in Jeju is not enough time to do everything  (it is recommended to stay a week) a weekend in Jeju is still worth the mini weekend vacation.


Jeju is known for their many beaches and awesome views. With regular sandy beaches as well as black sand beaches, the view that surrounds the beach is phenomenal. This includes the highest mountain in Korea, Hallasan. I didn't get to hike the mountain this time, but I will return again to do so.


The several famous attractions in Jeju Island include the lava caves which is great for a hot summer day. The caves are dark and cool so you will stay refreshed. The one tip is to bring and umbrella or rain coat because the caves are dripping with cold water.


Another popular tourist spot for many is Loveland, an exhibition like the Sex Museum, but with a handful more of statues and figures to see and take goofy photos of. It definitely is not a place for children, but there are children walking around there. Next door to Loveland are a few museums to explore as well.


For those traveling with family, the field maze is recommended for running around and getting lost. It is a human maze made of plants that children absolutely love running through. One last recommendation for Jeju is to eat black pork. This meat can be cooked up in a variety of ways, which includes BBQ. This pork is the famous eat, but some restaurants may still have the fur of the pork on the meat so be mentally ready!

Nonetheless, it is a must visit for anyone who is traveling to Korea, especially those on vacation. It is the ultimate honeymoon spot and a place for couples. With so much to do in Jeju Island, it is recommended to stay around for a week. I will make a few trips back to knock out a few other things that are on my list, including the highlight of the year, Jeju Olle's Walking Festival which is the peak time to visit Jeju Island.


Teach in South Korea!
Graduating with a double major in Communication and Chinese from Rutgers University, it wasn’t long after working in the Big Apple that Cindy Ung decided to take a break from the cliché 9-5 lifestyle and move to Korea to teach English for CDI. Making the bold step to leave her comfortable, mapped out life in the States, she has fallen more in love with the Korean culture as each day passes.  With weekly mountain hikes, weekend road trips, discovering great foods and beauty products, constantly meeting new people, her life in Korea has been everything but mapped out.

Check out Cindy’s blog to get a glimpse of what Korea has to offer!


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Going to Game Cafes When Teaching in Korea

Posted on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 @ 09:23 AM

One of my favorite things about teaching English in Korea is the quirky, trendy nightspots that make for a different outing. Usually when I think about a night out, the first things that come to my mind are bars and clubs. While Korea does have lots of great bars and clubs (and people here really do like to party), I find that there are also several other options that don't necessarily involve drinking or partying. And I am not talking about common places that can be found in the United States, like movie theaters, but some things that seem to be unique to this part of the world. For example, electronic screen golf is an excellent place for a night out that doesn't have to involve drinking. Other good examples include individual DVD rooms, karaoke rooms, and video game rooms. But the one place that I has recently become my favorite is the board game cafe, Funcafe, that is located in the heart of Jeju City on Jeju Island.

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Traveling after Teaching in Korea...Visit some of the New 7 Wonders!

Posted on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 10:41 AM

As you may or may not know, an online movement was created a few years ago to decide on the new 7 natural wonders of the world. (Learn more about it here). The movement reached its peak last year when people from around the world were called upon to log in and vote.  After months and months of voting, the final results were in and the world had their new 7 natural wonders.

They are as follows: (drum roll please!)….

  1. Amazon Rainforest-South America
  2. Halong Bay-Vietnam
  3. Iguazu Falls-Argentina/Brazil
  4. Jeju Island- South Korea
  5. Komodo-Indonesia
  6. Puerto Princesa Underground River-Philippines
  7. Table Mountain-South Africa
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