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Socializing While Distancing

Posted on Wed, Nov 04, 2020 @ 12:00 PM

I remember flying back to Seoul a mere few days before everything exploded. Right as masks sold out in each pharmacy I frantically biked to, right as numbers went from a few tens to hundreds in one day. I had just spent my term off in the southern hemisphere, trading Korean winters for the beach. Coming back to work felt like a rude awakening as the rest of the world seemed like they were still on vacation. Aside from China, South Korea was the most stressful place to be at the time, and I spent countless minutes refreshing my naver app to see the most up-to-date notifications on new cases. I panicked and dreamt of flying back to my family in the United States or to my friends in South Africa who I had just been with, knowing fully well those were just pipe dreams. 

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Why Helen Renewed Her Contract To Teach in Korea For ChungDahm

Posted on Thu, Feb 16, 2017 @ 01:53 PM

Hi! My name is Helen and I’m from Dublin, Ireland.  Upon completing my degree in Social Science in 2014 and after a short time working in New York City I decided to make an even bigger move and I set my sights on teaching in Korea. Teaching with Chungdahm was an easy decision for me as they are a large company with many openings and offer different levels of teaching to suit everyone's needs.  After applying through Aclipse I was selected to work in Seocho Banpo i-Garten starting in February 2015.

After one year of teaching in this branch and living in Gangnam, a district directly South of the river in Seoul. I knew I had made the right decision to teach with ChungDahm and as I result I recently committed to teach for one more year. This blog will focus on the many reasons I decide to stay.

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After A Successful Olympics Korea Begins Preparing for the 2018 Winter Games

Posted on Thu, Sep 15, 2016 @ 04:15 PM

As the 2016 Summer Olympics came to an end, the tiny nation of Korea celebrated another victorious Olympic games and began looking forward to hosting the 2018 winter games in Pyeongchang. Korean athletes did their nation proud as they accumulated 21 medals and placed their nation 8th overall!  This is rather impressive for a small nation, against its larger competitors, China and Japan. Korea dominated in Archery and Taekwondo, winning 5 medals in each, and 4 gold medals in Archery. The whole country was suspended in awe and anticipation as the final rounds of Archery was being televised on the local network, KBS. It was definitely the highlighted topic at Chungdahm Learning among my students, during the Summer. 

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Get Colorful at the Holi Hai Festival While Teaching in Korea

Posted on Fri, Apr 03, 2015 @ 03:20 PM

One of the best things about teaching in Korea is that there is no shortage of festivals or events. Whether it is the Daegu Body Painting Festival, the Busan Fireworks Festival, or the Seoul Lantern Festival, they happen up and down the country and are all easy to get to. This blog will look at the Holi Hai festival (the Festival of Colors), which I recently attended. The Holi Hai festival celebrates spring and love while dancing, throwing colored powder at each other and smearing paint on friends and strangers alike.
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Pancake Tuesday: An (Irish) English Teacher still celebrates in Korea

Posted on Mon, Apr 07, 2014 @ 07:17 AM

When I first moved to South Korea to Teach English, I knew there were many things I would miss about being home in Ireland. Of course my friends and family were at the top of the list, but there were other things, little things, that I would miss too. Pancake Tuesday is a special day in March when everyone in Ireland makes pancakes, just before Lent. I could not resist to continue the celebration in Korea and did not hesitate to celebrate when asked by my co-workers and Friends here in South Korea to celebrate Pancake Tuesday. The one special thing about the pancakes we make is that they are not thick and fluffy like the American style, instead they are thin and light like Crepes.

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