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Butcher's Cut Steakhouse

Posted on Fri, Apr 20, 2012 @ 11:16 AM

          I’m a meat lover. For a meat lover, Korea is the country to teach in. They have all sorts of meat that are served. Outside of the ordinary, there are intestines, liver, and heart. Korea even serves dog and horse meat, which I haven’t tried yet and don’t plan on trying. 

         Back home in America, I ate a little more beef than pork. While teaching English in Korea though, I have found my self eating mostly pork (sang gyup sal). One reason is the price of beef is high here inKorea. Also, I don’t mind eating pork. It’s much more delicious here inKorea compared toAmerica in my opinion. On the other hand, beef is more delicious inAmerica. I haven’t had a decent steak since I got here which was 11 months ago until now. 

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