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Get to Know All the Modes of Transportation in Korea

Posted on Thu, Mar 15, 2018 @ 05:45 PM

One of the toughest parts about living in a new city, especially if you are in a different country, is understanding the various transportation systems.  Not only can maps be in a different language, but you may be unaware about what are the most cost effective  and efficient options to get you from point A to point B.  It is for this reason why I wanted to write a blog to provide new teachers, and those scheduled to begin teaching in Korea in the near future, the ultimate transportation guide to make their first days and weeks a little easier.  In my blog I will talk about all the modes of transportation in Korea, including everything from taking a train to utilizing Kakao T. 

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Top Words You Should Know When Learning Korean

Posted on Tue, Jan 26, 2016 @ 04:00 PM

 Learning Korean can be really fun. Although not required for teaching at ChungDahm, I have found that knowing basic Korean has made my life easier during my teaching abroad experience. This blog will focus on both words that you need to know for everyday life and also the top keywords you should know for various social settings.

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Learn how to Navigate your Way through Korean Cities

Posted on Thu, Sep 04, 2014 @ 09:32 AM

 Living in the ‘burbs north of Boston for my entire life until college, public transportation was a foreign concept to me. If you did not have a car then you were condemned to a dark existence of bumming rides off your friends, (which unfortunately many of my own friends had no qualms about), or just accepting the fact that you would be stranded without any social options. So obviously, living in South Korea was a bit of an adjustment in terms of getting from Point A to Point B (or I guess Pointㅏto Point ㅂ?) But without a doubt the excellent public transportation is one of this country’s most redeeming qualities. Allow me to give you a quick run-down of your various options and a few pieces of advice.

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