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Why Aclipse and Chungdahm were the Right Choice for Me

Posted on Mon, Jun 11, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

A Smooth Transition

Starting a new job when you’ve not long graduated can be a daunting prospect, let alone when it’s half way around the world in a totally unfamiliar country. By choosing to go through Aclipse, my mind was put at ease. I was assured that I would be provided with somewhere to live throughout my time in Korea, which was one of my biggest worries. The overwhelming mountain of paperwork soon became manageable with the help of my recruiter, Colette. She replied to all my frantic emails in the middle of the night and addressed all of my concerns. From how to apostille a degree to how real estate agents work in Korea, Aclipse had all the answers!


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A New Experience - Living in South Korea    

Living and working in Korea is an incomparable experience. You will have the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world and forming some lasting friendships, and if you are bored of your home country and regular 9-5, moving to South Korea is, in my humble opinion, the perfect antidote. Want to spend an afternoon lounging in a cat cafe? Go to Korea. Party until the sun comes up? Go to Korea. Eat live octopus next to a stunning beach? Go to Korea. Shop until your bank rings you crying? Korea. Hike some beautiful mountains and admire the view from the top? Korea. Kimbap delivered to your door at 2am? You guessed it. Move to Korea.

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Professional and Personal Development

Working for Chungdahm April has challenged me in ways I never expected, and thus, totally altered my outlook on my life and career. Gaining teaching experience in another country has seriously enhanced my CV; an interviewer is far more  likely to remember you if you have a plethora of interesting stories to tell from your time working in another country. Furthermore, Korea is one of the best places to teach if you want to save some money - especially compared to european countries. On a personal level, my confidence has grown immensely. If you can walk into a bank and set up a bank account whilst sharing no common language with the people who work there, you can do anything!

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Job Satisfaction

Over the course of 9 months, I have watched my youngest class of 6-year olds go from barely knowing the alphabet to running up to me in the corridor to explain, in detail, the half melted snacks in their bag and their colorful collection of homemade slime (with questionable grammar; it was only 9 months after all). This causes me to beam with pride everytime and attempt to avoid their generous snack giving. I usually fail and end up eating some half eaten chocolate from grubby hands. My immune system has never been stronger.

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Travelling the World


South Korea is situated perfectly in east Asia, thus opening the door to so many beautiful countries on its doorstep just a cheap flight away.  I have taken advantage of this opportunity and try to use as many of my vacation days to travel to places I otherwise would not have the time or money to visit. I have already been lucky enough to visit Vietnam and Hong Kong, as well as many beautiful locations around Korea including Jeju island. I will also be making a trip to Japan for 9 days in a couple of months.


If you’re thinking about moving to teach in Korea I would seriously recommend using Aclipse to reach your goal as you will be well supported along the way. For me, living here and working for Chungdahm has been nothing short of life altering and has allowed me to enjoy some incredible experiences.

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Louise is a Philosophy graduate from the University of Reading and hails from East Sussex, England. She has worked for ChungDahm (April programme) since August 2017. When she’s not exploring Seoul almost every weekend, she can be found cycling around Anyang, reading in the nearest park or checking out the best brunch spots with her co-workers.

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