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Why I Decided To Extend My Contract With ChungDahm Learning!

Posted on Thu, Dec 15, 2016 @ 02:23 PM

As my first year teaching in Korea came to a close this November, I was prompted with an offer from my branch to extend my contract for another year. I was very flattered by the offer, because it is not guaranteed that a branch will want to extend your contract. An offer of extension is pretty much a compliment of the work you’ve done over the past year.  In this blog I will tell you why I decided to sign on for another year of teaching with ChungDahm Learning.

Although I was honored to receive the extension, I was torn on what to do.  I knew I wasn’t finished being a teacher, and the benefits of being a teacher in Korea are endless.  These benefits include a high salary, health insurance, great working environment and above all, rewarding work. At the same time however I was homesick and missed my friends and family.

I expressed my feelings to my branch manager, who is very approachable and we were able to work out a deal with where I would take a term off which would allow me to travel home. A term at Chungdahm Learning is 3 months long, and it luckily worked out that they would have a position available come the spring term. I could not be happier with this as I can now travel back home to Canada for the winter term, which will include Christmas, New Years and the extraordinarily freezing Canadian winter. I then will arrive back in Busan, Korea at the end of February to commence the spring term in my same position as an April instructor. The visa extension with the Korean government was all completed by the administrative staff at my branch, as all I had to do was sign a few papers.

teaching in Korea

I decided to stay not only because of the great benefits of teaching for Chungdahm Learning in Korea, but also because I am not ready to settle back in Ottawa. Regrettably, I didn’t get to travel around South East Asia much this past year which is something I plan on rectifying this coming year. I would like to see many more countries that are so easy and inexpensive to travel to from Korea. Also, I was not ready to say goodbye to my students. In just one year I was able to make so many great bonds with my April kids and I want to continue teaching the April program and watch my students learn and grow. 

teaching in Korea

So for now, I am packing up my apartment and heading back to Canada to enjoy some much needed family, friends and pet time. Although I am going home, I am highly anticipating my second year teaching in Korea for Chungdahm April!

teaching in Korea


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